Valens Care

A more individualised kind of care for a more independent kind of life.

Valens Care offers mobile physiotherapy programs for senior and NDIS clients with complex needs.

We believe that everyone deserves the same high standard of care as able bodied Australians. We know this is only possible when we connect highly skilled spinal physiotherapists with those patients sometimes considered ‘too hard’ for a community-based treatment program.

The Valens Care Difference

With an individualised, patient-centric approach, we seek to help clients experience:
Improved well being
Increased community participation
Greater independence

We help everyone with a complex physical challenge to enjoy a more individualised kind of care in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Hands-on treatment

Hands-on treatment

We believe you need more than a sheet of exercises to do each day. We place a strong emphasis on hands-on treatment such as joint mobilisation or soft tissue massage to promote healing and reduce pain.
Hands-on treatment

Tailored progression

For us, effective therapy means you make measurable progress. That may mean moving more easily, getting stronger or improving neurosensory feedback. That emphasis on progress sets us apart from many other physiotherapists. With us, you can expect treatment to progress to a higher level at regular intervals.
Complex needs

Physiotherapy for complex needs

We’re not daunted by clients with complex needs – in fact, we’re driven to help you to the best of our ability. We have high expectations for you and a strong belief that you deserve high-quality care.
Reliable, relatable

Reliable, relatable and consistent

No-one likes being messed around. You can rely on us to turn up on time and deliver a consistently high standard of care. You’ll also find us friendly and easygoing, meaning we’ll hopefully enjoy getting to know one another as the weeks go on.

A history of professionalism

Valens is an old Latin word meaning strength and health. Valens Care has grown out of our successful sister practice, The Brisbane Spine Clinic

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