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Physiotherapy for Seniors in Residential Aged Care Facilities

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Complimentary ACFI Revew

Physiotherapy for Seniors in Residential Aged Care Facilities

As a residential aged care provider, you usually have two ways to find a physio for your residents. 

Get yourself an in-house physio

but managing their performance can be tricky when you’re not a physio yourself

Outsource to a large provider of labour hire

then find yourself treated like a poor relative of their big, important clients.

Neither of these are great options for you.

It’s hard to manage a physiotherapist if you’re not trained in that field yourself – how do you judge whether they’re providing gold-standard care or just the bare minimum?

Mind you, you can easily tell when someone just turns up (late), doesn’t bother with any hands-on treatment, and leaves without communicating any treatment plans or progress updates to your staff.

Valens Care is different.

  • We’re physiotherapists managed by physiotherapists. 
  • We’re a small business here for your small business. 
  • We bring private practice professionalism to aged care provision.

With Valens Care you get:

  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Performance management
  • Teamwork
  • Hands-on manual therapy
  • A high standard of clinical care
  • Hardworking physios who want your clients to thrive.  

Signing up with Valens Care

Here’s what our process looks like.

  1. We meet you and learn about your facility, your residents and their needs
  2. We offer services to meet those needs, such as individual therapy for some residents or a twice-weekly balance class for small groups
  3. We work with your team, for example by:
    • Maximising ACFI funds
    • Showing your carers how to help residents with their physical therapy exercises 
    • Anticipating future needs, such as planning rehab for residents who are about to have surgery. 
  4. We’re in regular communication with you about residents’ progress
  5. We listen to your feedback on our service. 
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Complimentary ACFI Funding Review

As you’re already painfully aware, there’s a complex system for aged care funding. Maybe you’d dearly love to provide high-quality physiotherapy services for your residents but can’t see how to afford it. Often the money is there if you know how to leverage it. That’s why we offer a complimentary ACFI funding review to all new RACF clients. 

We’ll work with your facilities manager to unleash all the funds available to you to improve provision for your residents and to maximise your business growth. 

Affordable, professional, high-quality mobile physiotherapy

We think older people living in residential aged care deserve the same high standard of clinical care as everyone else. 

If you agree, then we’d love to show you how Valens Care can help you release funding to improve your residents’ mobility. 

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