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Physiotherapy for Community Care

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Home Care Packages and Commonwealth Home Support Programme

Are you supporting clients in their own homes under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme or a Home Care Package?

Valens Care provides services through both schemes, enabling you to offer in-home physiotherapy services to your clients. 


Signing up with Valens Care

Here’s what our process looks like.

  1. We meet you and learn about your organisation, your clients and their needs
  2. We offer individualised therapy to meet those needs
  3. We work with your team, for example by:
    1. Showing your carers how to help residents with their physical therapy exercises 
    2. Anticipating future needs, such as planning rehab for residents who are about to have surgery
    3. Proactively protecting your clients by recommending home modifications to your care manager to reduce falls risk. 
  4. We’re in regular communication with you about residents’ progress
  5. We listen to your feedback on our service. 
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Affordable, professional, high-quality mobile physiotherapy

We think older people in the community deserve the same high standard of clinical care as everyone else. 

If you agree, then we’d love to show you how Valens Care can help you and your clients.

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